Fixed Telescopic Belt Conveyor for Trucks / Containers Easy Loading or Unloading

Max extension length: 18m Installation: Fixed on loading dock

Products Details

Suitable for variety of vehicle/ truck/container    Conform to ergonomic operating conditions    Fast loading and unloading Simple, safe and reliable Easy maintenance Loading capacity: 60kg/m Reduce manual handling, reduce labor intensity High efficient operation up to more than 2000 PPH Standard work to make loading or unloading orderly Save labor more than 2/3 based on original loading way Minimum the accident during loading, even zero incidence Improve the working environmentAPOLLO Telescopic Belt Conveyor provides the highest level of productivity for large volume, shipping and receiving applications for any type factory or distribution center. Its biggest advantage is providing an ergonomic operating conditions, the operator could adjust the conveyor to achieve a perfect position via buttons to control extending and retracting, loading or unloading easily and efficiently, all the actions will be real-time feedback to the operator by electronics. Automate your loading and unloading areas and convey a variety of products from large or small cartons to loose bags and tires.

Product Introduction:

All key components use the top famous brnad only, like SEW motor, Siegling motor, the electrical compontens are Schneider or Siemens to  ensure the most reliable stability and reduce the failure rate to the greatest extend. All of our telescopic conveyors feature a VFD controlled belt drive system providing smooth transitions from belt starts and stops at speeds up to 40m/minute. They also include a VFD controlled extension drive providing smooth operation when extending and retracting the conveyor.  

Standard Specifications:

Model Sections Total length C(mm) Retracted length A(mm) Extension length B(mm) Height(mm) Belt width(mm) Installation way
A3-6+8 3 14000 6000 8000 800 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A3-7+9.5 16500 7000 9500 800 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A4-5+10  4 15000 5000 10000 900 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A4-6+12 18000 6000 12000 900 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A4-7+14 21000 7000 14000 900 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A4-8+16 24000 8000 16000 900 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A5-6+15 5 21000 6000 15000 950 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A5-7+18 25000 7000 18000 950 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A6-4.5+13  6 17500 4500 13000 1050 600/800/1000 Fixed Type
A6-5+16 21000 5000 16000 1050 600/800/1000 Fixed Type

Product Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Optional Configurations:

4 directions buttons, easy operation

Equip with tower light, easy to see machine status

Anti-clamping roller, avoid the risk of clamping hands for operators

The gap between each section is small and the brush is installed for safe useSimens PLC control system gets convenient remote maintenance and after-sales service

Schneider VFD to adjsut speed, quality stable

SICK sensor at front to prevent goods fall (optional)

Side guides for align goods (optional)

Wireless remote control (optional)

Production Process:

Cut steel plate by laser




Install belt


Powder coating

Forming frame 


Buttons test

Finished products

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Factory Show:

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Consumer behavior has changed, supply chains have not. Let's talk today to find perfect design and make your loading or unloading more easy, more safe, more efficiency.

Get in touchIndustry ApplicationsTelescopic Belt Conveyor is automated conveyor equipment for easy loading and unloading. Virtually any industry with heavy shipping and receiving needs will reap significant rewards from implementing a telescopic belt conveyor solution. Widely used in E-commerce, Third party logistics, Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Clothes, Furniteure and FMCG etc.Frame use hugh quality carbon steel, get the advanatges of impact resistance, fatigue resistance and high strength. Steel structure design, using the finite element analysis method and optimize the stress structure, so that the whole stress get balanced and extend the using life of machine. At the same time, the maximum extebsion length and minimum retraction length are guaranteed. Maximum sections APOLLO can do is 6 sections with 16 meters extension. 

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