Movable Telescopic Belt Conveyor With Motorized System For Easy Movement

Max extension length: 15m Move way: battery / electrical cable / rail

Products Details

One operator can move machine easily Improve the flexibility of operation within bigger space One conveyor can serve for multiple loading doors Shorten the time of loading and unloading, reduce labor intensityThe Maximum loading amount up to 2250 per hour if based on standard loading speed of 30 m/min for carton (800x600mm) Labor can reduce more than 2/3 based on original loading way Minimum the lowest accident in the process of loading, even zero incidence Promote the enterprise image, conform to the requirements of the modern enterpriseTelescopic Belt Conveyor gives you precise control at the shipping dock by extending length into the end of the truck trailer. A full set of operation buttons improve the loading and unloading efficiency of goods in truck and bring convenient operation. When add caster wheels or install the telescopic belt conveyor at rail or equip with motorized movement system, it can improve the flexibility of operation with bigger space, solve the easy and efficient loading or unloading goods. You press a button only then the conveyor can travel anywhere you want. 

Product Introduction:

Telescopic belt conveyor can freely extend on the length direction according to the loading requirements through adjusting buttons. Operation height conforms to ergonomic design, easy to handle goods, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Goods type: carton, bag, parcel, luggage, tire, plastic box, barrel etc. Loading capacity: 50kg/m (standard) Move type: manual movement, rail traverse movement, motorized movement.

Standard Specifications:

Model Sections Total length C(mm) Retracted length A(mm) Extension length B(mm) Height(mm) Belt width(mm) Mobile way
  M3-6+8 3 14000 6000 8000 900 600/800/1000 Manual / Motorized
M3-7+9.5 16500 7000 9500 900 600/800/1000 Manual / Motorized
  M4-5+10 4 15000 5000 10000 900/1050 600/800/1000 Motorized
M4-6+12 18000 6000 12000 900/1050 600/800/1000 Motorized
  M4-7+14 21000 7000 14000 1100 600/800/1000 Rail
  M4-8+16 24000 8000 16000 1100 600/800/1000 Rail

Product Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Optional Configurations:

Equip with tower light, easy to see machine status; 4 directions buttons, easy operation

Simens PLC control system gets convenient remote maintenance and after-sales service

Schneider VFD to adjsut speed, quality stable

Control handle to operate the movement of conveyorDC type travel motor for easy movement  

Equip with battery as the power for motorized movement

Easy entry for maintenance from back cover

Anti-clamping roller, avoid the risk of clamping hands for operators  

Equip with sensors to prevent goods fall (optional)

Production Process:

Cut steel plate by laser






Powder coating

Forming frame 

Finished product

Telescopic test

Movement test

Deliver at user's site

Factory Show:

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Consumer behavior has changed, supply chains have not. Let's talk today to find perfect design and make your loading or unloading more easy, more safe, more efficiency.

Get in touchIndustry ApplicationsMovable Telescopic Conveyor is suitable for unfixed loading/unloading sites. Machine can move randomly, conveniently change position according to the goods or the position of the trucks / containers. Widely used in E-commerce, Third party logistics, Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Clothes, Tires, Furniteure and FMCG etc. 

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